5 Sports Stars Who Strayed

5 Sports Stars Who Strayed

Really? You're gonna cheat on Eva Longoria?

Oh athletes, why must you be so naughty? It's not that hard to not cheat on your wife, and yet so many sports stars seem incapable of staying true. We've assembled the most notable cheaters here for your viewing convenience.



Ryan Giggs may not be well known in the States, but the Welsh footballer certainly made waves across the pond His affair with model Imogen Thomas caused a media scandal, and his other affair, with his brother's wife, caused the pair to divorce. However, his wife Stacey has stayed with him.
Tony Parker had it all with Eva Longoria but chose to have an affair instead The woman in question? Erin Barry, (now ex) wife of Parker’s teammate Brent Barry.
Anyone else remember Oscar de la Hoya's infamous drag pictures? Yeah, we do too (they're kind of hard to forget) They first leaked in 2007, showing him in the company of an unidentified woman. It took several years, but de la Hoya eventually admitted in 2011 that the photos were real, and that he had been cheating on his wife Millie for some time.
Kobe Bryant is practically the face of marital infidelity in the NBA His multiple indiscretions even included a rape charge in 2003 that was later dropped. His wife Vanessa filed for divorce, but the pair later reconciled and remain together.
And last but certainly not least it Tiger Woods, the man who made cheating its own sport His affair with Rachel Uchitel brought to light an array of other women. Despite that infamous on-air apology, Elin still chose to take the kids and split, divorcing Tiger in 2010.



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