Date Night Ideas: Rekindle The Passion In Your Marriage


Date Night Ideas:  Rekindle The Passion In Your Marriage
You can rekindle the passion in your marriage with regularly scheduled date nights with your spouse.
  • Schedule the time and place for your personal date. Put it on your calendar in ink. You don't want to erase it from your agenda. You make these dates a priority and not let things keep you from having them.
  • Anticipate your date with your partner. Like a young couple just going out on their initial date you need to share your excitement about going out with your mate. A little note or text to your spouse telling them about your anticipation will go a long way in creating this excitement.
  • Leave the kids and problems out for this one night. You don't want use your quiet time together to talk about problems with the kids, work or home. You need to be talking about fun things, including your dreams for the future. Make this a special night that you both will remember for a long time.
  • Be affectionate with your mate. Do those things that you did when you first started dating in the early years. You know, things like holding hands, flirting with your mate and kissing them with unbridled passion. No reason to hold anything back on these special date nights because if your passion gets out of control then you can head home a cap off the night by sharing the ultimate expression of love. That would be a perfect ending to the night.
  • Don't stop with one great date, repeat it often. As soon as you finish your first great date, schedule the next one. If you can do one every week that would be great, but many couples can only do a date night every couple of weeks or maybe once a month, but come up with some new date night ideas.

You can rekindle the romance in your marriage with a regularly scheduled date night with your spouse. Start by making a list of date night ideas then go to work on making each one happen. 

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