Date Night Ideas: Rekindle The Passion In Your Marriage


Date Night Ideas:  Rekindle The Passion In Your Marriage
You can rekindle the passion in your marriage with regularly scheduled date nights with your spouse.

A happy marriage can begin with a list of date night ideas that you turn into a series of romantic dates with your mate. That's right, you can rekindle the romance in your marriage with a regularly scheduled date night with your spouse.

Couples who nurture their relationships through regular date nights tend to have long, very happy marriages. This is particularly true for couples who have kids that are active in sports and other school activities. If these parents don't set aside time just for themselves then their marriage could lose its excitement and passion very quickly.


While there are a lot of great books and resources available to help couples come up with date night ideas, including Michael Webb's "300 Creative Dates", there is one resource that has really taken the marriage date night concept to a whole another level. We are talking about David and Claudia Arp's "10 Great Dates to Energize Your Marriage", a series of ten date nights designed to help marriage partners rekindle the passion in their marriage.

The Arps share a passion for helping couples build great marriages through fun, relationship-building dates. In 1983, the Arps started their Marriage Alive ministry to help couples re-connect with their mate through simple dates that focus on different aspects like communication, intimacy and other key areas of a healthy relationship. Their first book, "Ten Dates for Mates", a Gold-Medallion finalist, launched them on their path to helping couples grow together by dating each other like they did as young singles.

Their "10 Great Dates" brand of resources, that include books, DVD-based programs, apps, and seminars, are respected and used nationally and internationally. These programs are so popular and marriage date nights have become so important that many large churches are now hosting "10 Great Dates" programs for their married members.

The "10 Great Dates" book and program offers plenty of date night ideas, but it also has some very specific things each couple must follow for a successful, enriching experience. Here are the fundamental things you need to do:

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