Still Hung Up On Your Ex? Allow Eminem To Help


Celebrate Eminem hosting 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend with these GIFs.

Eminem has a great, if twisted, sense of humor, so we're stoked that he's hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend.

We also wish we had his way with words and animated demeanor whenever we ran into our douchebag exes. Here are some classic Marshall Mathers responses to the guys and girls who leave you shafted!




When you're still hurt and miss your ex, you may want to tell him this.

But should you?

If you're tempted to beg for that dope back, remind yourself this:


If you do talk to that jerk, take the high road -- don't stoop to his level!

Keeping it classy will leave him dumbfounded.


And if you run into him, these are acceptable responses. But keep it moving!



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