10 Animals Who Have No Idea Why They're On Romance Novel Covers

Erotica:7 Romance Novels with Super Awkward Animals On The Cover

Why? Just…why?

Some erotica and romance novel covers are cool...you know, in a romance novel sort of way. They have the right mix of sex and mystery. Sometimes they have Fabio (who is actually a lot cooler than you might think.) And then sometimes, an animal gets thrown on there for no good reason. The animals themselves don't seem to understand why they're there, and neither do we.



The dogs just look so painfully confused
As though the title isn't strange enough, that dog is just plain creepy
That is one lousy photoshop job
Why does no one have a head? Maybe that's why the dogs look so worried
Stop that right now! You are traumatizing them!
Seriously? Just knock it off
He looks like he's prepared to gnaw his way to freedom



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