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Problems in my relationship

I am 27 and she is 26.I have been dating my girlfriend for the past 6years and some months ago,she complained about I being aggressive and also not trusting her.So she asked for space which was my first time to experience this but just after a week or two,we came back together and things went nice..I love her and I make sure I do everything she ask me and also if there is something she needs,I make sure I give her if I have it.She is very understanding,respectful.Just about 4months ago,things started going bad,we don't have sex like we use to and even if we having sex,she is always not in the mood.I do everything to make her feel for it and if she gives in,she is either not wet and she looks very dry.I spoke to her about this and she told me she even realize this but doesn't know what is wrong.I have asked her several times if she is no more sexually attractive to or there is someone else,she tells me there is no one but she still loves me just like how we use to..She does all the things she use to do for me and hasn't changed.I still don't know what is going on,I am beginning to think she doesn't love me but find it hard to tell me because I have always been good and also done everything for her.I do love her so much and we have plans to get married middle of next year but with what is going on now,we cant get married.I have been trying to snuggle and cuddle with her but is still the same .I don't know what is going on but I remember before all this started,she started having this milky things that started coming from her nipples,we saw a doctor and was treated and one thing is that,she was raped when she was about 12years old..Do you think all this can contribute to what is happening?I don't want to lose her because I love her..Please help me to solve this..I have been going through articles on the internet for about 8hours reading what might be the possible reasons to all this..



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