Why go British?


Why go British?

As a Brit myself, it is easy to wonder if all that talk about ‘we do it best’ is just national pride. Is it just us Brits thinking that we do it best, but in fact the rest of the world think that others do it better? Inevitably this has to be true in some cases. I am sure that other nations with their own individual national pride will probably think the same - and indeed may well object to some of the claims in this little article, but what can I say? National pride is national pride, and that is something that Brits do very well!

So what are some of the main industries or specialist areas that Brits can legitimately lay claim to being the best at? And what (dare I say) do Brits claim to be the best at but most probably are not…



We may not have the best equipped military forces in the world - only the Americans can really claim this. In fact, the US government’s spend on their military dwarves the economies of much of the world’s nations. However, the British military are possibly the best trained in the world. We also have the best anti-terrorism unit in the Special Air Service. Maybe it is a bit of British grit, but we do highly trained military forces incredibly well. Plus BAE systems creates some of the best equipment available. But let us not dwell on such morbid matters.


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