RHOM's Lisa Hochstein's Love/Hate Relationship With Joanna Krupa


'Real Housewives of Miami's Lisa Hochstein opens up about her friends and "frenemies" on the show.

If you watch any of the Housewives franchises on Bravo, then you already know relationships change from episode to episode.

On The Real Housewives of Miami, these fragile bonds can change from one minute to the next. 

RHOM's Lisa Hochstein opened up about her frenemies, her BFFs and her love/hate relationship with co-star and model Joanna Krupa. This might come as a shock to fans, as Lisa was a bridesmaid in Joanna's wedding, featured this season on the reality show. KEEP READING: Friends Or Frenemies? Hear Lisa Hochstein’s Surprising Answers About The Ladies Of RHOM!

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