Relationship advice for men to stay away from crisis


Relationship advice for men to stay away from crisis
Learn how to avoid getting in to any relationship crisis and let her fully aware of your commitment.

relationship advice for menIf you are reading this post, chances are you feel there are some problems in your relationship or you are looking for some tips to improve your relationship. Maybe you are a lady killer, but when you are in a serious relationship things are little bit different with just playing around. I’m sharing five tips I personally think are important relationship advices for men to consider.  These advices are not my advice, and they are not new at all. I just think it is worth to share them as they worked for me to improve my marriage.

1. She is not another ‘guy’ friend


One of the mistakes men can easily make is to treat her like a ‘guy’ friend. I made this mistake early in my relationship. I was a guy could hang out with my friends for the whole afternoon without much talking. I can just ignore what my buddy is wearing today and how his hairstyle is different and we still like to hang out. That’s men. But this wouldn’t work with women. Women are different, they want to be noticed and they will feel like being ignored if you treat them like a ‘guy’ friend.

I like to take my wife to go for a walk after dinner, but I used to take her out to “just walk”. She felt bored and didn’t like it at all. I thought she just didn’t like to walk, but I was wrong. I noticed it a few times when we were discussing some matters she was fine and enjoying the walk.

2. You love each other in a different way

The way men and women express love are different. My wife used to take care of everything of me when I was going for a business trip. She would always ask me if I remember to bring this and that. This was how she expressing her loves. She thought this was how I should feel loved as she did so. However, I felt like I was a child.

I grew up from a traditional family where I never heard my dad and mom say “I love you” to each other, I seldom express my love through words and physically and that’s something she is expecting. Women consider these are very important indications. Give her a kiss or hug when she comes home, or even a shoulder rub would make her feel much better.

3. Observe how different you communicate with each other

I learned this lesson from a hard way. Men and women are very different when comes to communication. I do agree with what John Gray said in ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’, when it comes to communication, men are solution oriented and women are process oriented.

When women talk to you, they don’t really care what the result the conversation will end up with, they like to enjoy the process of the conversation. However, as men, we are different. We like to get results or solutions.

It happened to me many times that my wife came home to tell me what a bad day she had and what her colleagues did to make her upset…etc. I immediately started to think of solutions that she can avoid these problems.

I wanted to stop her complaining and tell her what she can do next time so she could cheer up. But the reality was, as I was thinking of solutions, I did not really pay attention to what she said which made she felt worse, and occasionally it led to a few quarrels between us.

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