I am Finding my way back; a lost sheep


Life is a road trip that takes you to places you either plan or was destined to track.

Life is a road trip that takes you to places you either plan or was destined to track. While some of us just accept the itinerary, still there are some who fight the course of the journey and veer away from the path; this is the story of my journey. Having been raised a Catholic, my faith was molded young. I was introduced into this faith even before I understood why I need to make the sign of the cross; I learned how to recite the Lord’s Prayer and say the rosary long before I learned the significance of praying. At a young age, I had so many plans for the future. I had dreams to realize and so I paved my way to get there but life had other plans for me and it didn’t include the fulfillment of my goals. I was devastated when I faced my first failure. I have always had a personal relationship with God, we were on first name basis and I had direct access to Him. I cut that line off but only to go back running again in His arms because I realized that only His love can sustain me and lead me to victory. When you practice gratefulness, you attract good things back to you. You will be blessed immensely. Although I still have yet so many roads to take and battles to face, I know I can be strong with the knowledge that I am not alone. No matter what I go through, my faith keeps me going. The foundation which my church has placed as cornerstones in my life has made me strong. And although I keep wandering from time to time, His love and understanding helps me find my way back again. Learn more about this topic by visiting calm clinic.


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