Have You Tried Tinder, The Dating App? Here's Why You Should

Have You Tried Tinder, The Dating App? Here's Why You Should

Despite what you may think, the app isn't just for hookups.

In August, I was catching up with a friend I hadn't seen in months when we had this embarrassingly rom-com-ready moment. "So are people in New York using Tinder?" she asked. I had no idea what it was. She pulled out her phone and showed me the app, which lets you accept or reject potential partners in the vicinity based on their Facebook photos. "So it's a sex app," I said, as she swiped me through some of her potential matches and men she was chatting with. She insisted it wasn't just a sex app. 

It seems she might be right. Ann Friedman at The Cut says all her single female friends are using Tinder to find dates. Friedman cites the perils of online dating websites — creating those dreaded profiles, dealing with an influx of messages from people you're not interested in, meeting dates who look nothing like they did in profile photos. Tinder rights some of these wrongs with a few easy, clever adaptations.

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