How to Find The Perfect Catch


How to Find The Perfect Catch
The only match to catch is one who is perfect for you.

Christine Baumgartner of is a Southern California dating coach who is committed to helping people find their perfect catch. Unlike many love gurus who operate from the ungrounded aspect of the "law of attraction", Christine is grounded and practical in her approach. She created her coaching method based on principles that are geared towards results. For most singles the main reason they are still solo is because they are in their own way. In the following Q&A Christine explains how to bust out of your love barriers.

How does your coaching method work with a client to change unhealthy subconscious beliefs and patterns that attract unhealthy love and relationship dynamics?


I use written and verbal questions to help us uncover the subconscious beliefs and patterns that were formed by their past experiences. It tends to be very interesting for my client’s to see how directly their current relationships are a reflection of these old beliefs.

Can you describe how this kind of in-depth work works with clients? How would you describe a session by session process with you to re-design a person's love map and love picker towards a healthy orientation?

The steps we go through include: acknowledging current beliefs, confirming where they started, assessing which ones to keep and which ones to change to create the healthiest relationships for them, working through the challenges and benefits of changing those beliefs, establishing techniques to work through the resistance to change, begin approaching the world of dating with new awareness, begin dating the right type of person, addressing the normal dating challenges, building on the new level of confident dating, consistently dating the right type of person.

What are the strategies that you incorporate to make sure that the new beliefs become ingrained in a person's subconscious?

I use a variety of strategies depending upon the person. Often I start with changing something they normally do (that doesn’t have anything to do with dating) like using a different hand for brushing their teeth, driving a new way to work, etc. This brings up the possible challenges and resist they could have to change in general and gives them a chance to use my techniques feel successful going through this change. Then we begin build on this feeling of success when the challenges of changing the way they’ve been dating come up. I also give each client very small steps along the way, that because of the information I’ve been gathering about them, give them continuous opportunities to feel successful.

How do beliefs attract experiences and people who are consistent with those beliefs? Beyond the Law of Attraction definition is there another more grounded way to explain this phenomenon?

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