7 Signs Your Online Dating Privacy Is At Risk


7 Surprising Signs Your Online Dating Privacy Is At Risk
Find out if you've left yourself vulnerable to internet creepers and how to protect yourself.

5) You've given out your personal e-mail.

The personal email address is the new private phone number. It should only be shared with people you trust. Jayne Hancock, a cybercrime expert and the president of WHOA (Working to Halt Online Abuse) advises online daters to create a new email account just for online dating. "Use a free account from Gmail, Yahoo!, or Hotmail when you graduate from on-site messaging," she says. "That way, if things get uncomfortable, you can easily cancel the account. And if this happens, be sure to report the person to the dating site, so it doesn't happen to someone else."


6) Your online dating profile uses photos of you from other websites.

It's quick and easy to post a great picture from Facebook or your blog to your online dating profile. But it also puts you in danger of reverse image search. By entering the URL of a photo into Google Image Search, anyone can find the other websites where an image appears. Strangers can use it to access your blog, which may include your full name, personal email, and other information you're not comfortable sharing yet.

7) You use a mobile dating app — or any app involving check-ins.

With a number of dating apps, GPS enables users to find other singles nearby, sometimes even in the same bar! It's designed to help people meet in real life with just a little technological help. But there's the potential for disaster, ranging from embarrassment to stalking. 

In general, apps with check-ins and posted locations pose safety concerns. In addition to the chance that the wrong person may find it, some third-party developers have used data from sites like Foursquare to put people on singles mapping apps. Which is great, if you've consented to that. Otherwise, it's another way your privacy is at risk.

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