Forget Bouquets! Here Are 15 Brides Throwing Cats


What if brides threw cats instead of bouquets?

It's the moment all the single ladies at a wedding have been waiting for. The bouquet toss. Who will get married next? Or, more importantly, who will trample their friends and family to catch flowers in their high heels?

But, what if it wasn't flowers? What if the bride threw cats? Yes, what if the just-married woman launched a cat out into the crowd? Everyone's always looking to get cats in weddings, aren't they?

Our friends at The Chive posted 15 pictures of exactly what that would look like thanks to a new site called bridesthrowingcats. Don't be horrifed — it's all Photoshop.

Enjoy these cats mid-air on the dancefloor.

See the 15 brides throwing cats at The Chive: Brides throwing cats

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