Men Hold Off On The Sex Talk


I conducted a short survey and found that talking about sex too early is the #1 dating problem

"Why did she suddenly block me?" - I got tired of receiving the same support question over and over again from men on my dating site so I decided to conduct a member survey to find the answer. I didn't put it in these words exactly, but tried instead to find out what the members were most looking for and what they disliked the most. I also threw in the obvious question "after how many dates would you consider sleeping with someone?" Well that was too easy: 90% of the men said they would consider sleeping with a woman after one date, but only 10% of the women said they would. It turns out that while men and women are looking for essentially the same things in a relationship, men push the sex topic too early and blow their chances entirely.

Men and women both responded equally on the importance of intelligence in a relationship and building a long term relationship, but one not just about sex. I also asked dating experts and therapists to weigh in on advice for singles, such as when to bring up deeply personal issues and best ideas for a first date: cafe or bar!

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