Nick Jonas' Girlfriend Is Facing Two Years In Jail?! For What?


A trip to the Taj Mahal could land Miss Universe Olivia Culpo in an Indian jail.

She may be Miss Universe, but Olivia Culpo still has to play by the rules. That's the word out of India where Nick Jonas' new girlfriend faces serious jail time. 

If Culpo is found guilty, she could face a $1,600 fine (roughly equivalent to 100,000 rupees). Even scarier, Olivia could be sent to jail for up to two years.

Obviously, getting sent to Indian jail would put a real damper on Olivia and Nick's blossoming romance. The two have only been seeing each other (officially) since the end of the summer, and Nick's already facing stress at work with rumors the Jonas Brothers are on the outs. What a week.

What landed Olivia in such hot water? Find out here: Jonas Brother Girlfriend Faces Serious Prison Time in India


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