Funny stuff you didn't know about sex!


Here are some of the things I personally find funny about sex.

Sex is also about fun and relaxation. That is why today I offer you the chance to get cozy and have a great laugh. Here are some of the things I personally find funny about sex. I bet you didn't know at least five of them!

1. Mice can have sex even 20 times per day!
2. In the faraway past the dildo was used as a medicine for hysterical females
3. Studies show that the percentage between the porn sites and the sites with ‘a common content’ is 5 to 1
4. At a biochemical level, sex is the equivalent of eating chocolate
5. In Hong Kong the woman who has been cheated on, has the legal right to murder her husband but only with bare hands
6. Sex burns 360 calories per hour
7. Single women are more attracted by married men than by single ones
8. One sexual intercourse per week improves your immune system with more than 30%
9. Married women have much more sex than single women
10. The chances that an athletic woman is better in bed than a lazy woman are much higher!

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