Credit Scores Are Changing the Dating Game - Are You In?


Credit Scores Are Changing the Dating Game - Are You In?
Many individuals are measuring potential mates by their credit score rather than personality.

Romance may be in the air, but if your credit score is lacking, your relationship may be up in the air as well. It seems that one of the more popular trends on the dating scene is checking out someone else's credit score, rather than their body. That's not to say that looks aren't still important, but it appears that even if you have great looks, you might get turned down for a date because you have a terrible looking credit score.

Credit Score Dating


It's actually more than just a fad. The idea of using credit scores as a primary dating measurement is appearing in places all around the country. In fact, there are dating websites now that you can go to where one of the first criteria examined is your credit score. A recent survey seems to support this trend. Here are some of the more telling results of the survey.

  • Financial responsibility. A significant number of women indicated that a man's ability to be financially responsible was very important. A total of 95 percent of all women surveyed said that they considered a man's ability to pay his bills on time to be very important.
  • Buying a home. Over 68 percent of those interviewed said they were concerned about trying to buy a house if their partner had a less than perfect credit score.
  • Joint accounts. More than half of the people who completed the survey said that a low credit score could possibly cause problems when it came to managing a joint credit card or line-of-credit account.
  • Sexuality. Men still ranked sexuality and intimacy near the top, but financial responsibility was a very close second. Women reversed the two, putting sexuality second to financial responsibility.

While not everyone considers a good credit rating as important, it is interesting to see how many people are actually using credit scores as one of their primary deciding factors.

What Your Credit Score Says About You

Your credit score is really a very good indicator of how well you take care of your personal life. Although there can be things, such as long term illness or divorce, which impact your finances and can damage your credit score, most of the problems seen on a credit report are the result of poor personal habits.

While it may not necessarily indicate that you are lazy or uncaring, having a poor credit score usually indicates that you have not been putting the right priority on your personal finances. A lack of priorities can cause some major problems with a partner who places high value on attention-to-detail and the prioritization of daily responsibilities.

One of those routine responsibilities that prove you care about credit includes checking your credit score. Often times, people who have low credit scores haven't even looked at their credit report to see what is causing the problem.

Checking Your Credit Report

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