I Still Say A Little Prayer For You: Part 4


I Still Say A Little Prayer For You: Part 4
Marvin Gaye's song on healing is a testimony to BodyTalk and Tantra to heal the soul of attraction

Does being done with all this now mean Captain America has been erased like I prayed he would be? No. It means that the negative thoughts and feelings have been neutralized. For all that has resulted in my life as a direct outcome of dealing with my hurt productively  ... the best blessings are all the new people in my social circle. None of whom would be here without what happened. All of whom I am very grateful for.

What happened to the romantic feelings? They too have been neutralized. I feel more distant from them as if they were a long time ago.


Am I still praying? Yes, of course, but it's different now. Aretha Franklin explains it better than I. Captain America was an experience with a bittersweet ending. I evolved from all the healing. So hence the little prayers. Usually the little prayers come up when I'm watching any of my favorite crime drama shows. They remind me of him and I simply hope he is well. Then Michael comes to mind. No, not Michael Fassbender, but Archangel Michael. St. Michael is the one hearing any little prayers for Captain America now, not St. Anthony anymore.

Where do I stand on love? I'm open to the real thing only now. True love or bust.

How would I respond if Captain America ever came back? It would depend on his intentions and authenticity towards me should that happen. Best case scenario, I'd end up singing me some Carly Simon, over him.

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