I Still Say A Little Prayer For You: Part 1


I Still Say A Little Prayer For You: Part 1
He may be guilty of heartbreaking but I love him because of it, not in spite of, and this is why

Whatever projections I was projecting on to him they were toxic and binded to me like a straight jacket. I nearly gave up and considered packing my bags and flying to Switzerland to check myself into The Jung Institute in Zurich. Surrender felt like accepting life with a love disease that had infected the core of my being. My only choice that remained was not a choice at all .... I had to pray.

Ironically, it was today, after a thousand prayers were uttered begging God to grant me selective amnesia and delete all memories of him, did a better remedy happen. Why today?  What happened? Four Goddesses showed up, each saying a piece of the puzzle that I finally was ready to hear, to create the elixer to set me free. And today, strangely enough, was the same day I met him a whole 365 days ago.

Tuesday was wisdom from Heather Strang, Wednesday were wise words from Tamara Green, Thursday it was Devi Ward's turn, and Friday was a kind of ceremonial karmic cord breaking session in a BodyTalk appointment with Shelley Poovey in New York. It was Shelley's session that halted the thoughts for good.

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