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'Mom's' Anna Faris: My Husband's In London & I Have A 1-Year-Old!


'Mom' Star Anna Faris On Real Life Parenting & More
"My mom wants to baby proof everything!" Anna tells us.
Exclusive! Anna Faris talks baby Jack, her actor husband Chris Pratt, and more.

Anna Faris wasn't quite ready to return to work so soon after having son Jack, who turned 1 on August 25.

But starring in CBS' new sitcom Mom—premiering Monday at 9:30 p.m. ET—was just too juicy to pass.

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The comic actress best known for movies like The House Bunny, The Hot Chick, and the Scary Movie series plays a divorced waitress dealing with her mother and two kids, including a possibly pregnant teenager.

At the moment, her real life parenting situation is different but no less tricky. Faris is juggling work and a baby while her husband of four years, actor Chris Pratt, is busying filming Guardians of the Galaxy in London.

YourTango: How do you stay connected while Chris is away?
Anna Faris: Skype. I did go to visit him and brought my baby to London. Which I hope I don't have to do again. Jack was really good, but I didn't sleep. I had to hold him the entire flight. Trying to stuff a sandwich in my mouth wasn't easy.

YourTango: How did you lose the baby weight?
Anna Faris:
With my husband being gone and me putting the baby to bed, giving him breakfast, feeding him, there's only been time for string cheese and an apple! But they have amazing food on set so I'm sure that will change.

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YourTango: How are you balancing work and the baby?
Anna Faris:
One of the blessings of this job is that it's in town. My parents come down a lot to help out. My baby is their only grandchild, so they're doting on him right now. My mom wants to baby proof everything!


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