Stop the Insanity of Hiring Dating Coaches!


Stop the Insanity of Hiring Dating Coaches!
Just hire a matchmaker and find your match. SIMPLE.

1) One of my favorite things to do is to rub my man's chest.

2) whenever you feel like complimenting him, instead, look for a result he has gotten in his life. It could be committing to his job, it could be committing to going to the gym, it could be committing to taking care of his mother or a special friend.


3) And then express genuine appreciation for it. Say this: "hey, I really respect your commitment to [insert good act here]" This step is a special way of giving your feminine energy because you are open to him by appreciating him.

So I asked several men I knew who were straight, single, and the good-looking/socially popular athletic types. All of them vehemently disagreed with Renee Wade and called her method idiotic. They also said that they love the complements and that none of their relationships followed the Rules. The men I polled say this:

Disagree 100%! When a man gets a complement from anyone it makes them feel good. All our friends who are guys would agree with us, this dating guru is an idiot.

So yeah, I'm personally done with all the mental gymnastics. Imagine someone who actually took the advice of a romance coach like Renee Wade and never complemented any man who was a romantic potential? I can. I took the same such advice from Kathryn Alice. What happened? I missed out on many men who would have likely turned into a significant other had I not played Ice Queen. Like Wade, Alice's method was practically designed to keep me single. Why? So I'd buy course after course from the love guru who knew nothing.

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