Stop the Insanity of Hiring Dating Coaches!


Stop the Insanity of Hiring Dating Coaches!
Just hire a matchmaker and find your match. SIMPLE.

Metaphor: Dating coaches are the manual. Some are trying to keep you single for their money making. These are the people who are always coming up with a reason why their work didn't bring you a true love. Often they blame you for not doing it right. Kathryn Alice is a master at the blame game when her method is just plain inferior compared to that of Matthew Hussey or Debi Berndt.

Healing work like EMDR and Imago therapy: A great mechanic when needed.


Driving the Mercedes: Where real results happen. Meeting people in real life. Not chasing them. Just meeting people in the course of pursuing what your heart and soul really wants to do. For me, it's horseback riding. Whether or not I meet someone horseback riding, I'll be glad I went out on the trail.

Eventually the continual consumption of the dating coaching and love advice begins to feel like one is repeating a grade over and over again. Getting to the stage of just being a welcome space for your true love is just as critical as examining what may be in the way of letting love in.

Funny, a love coach in Australia named Renee Wade said that women who complement men will cause the men to lose respect for her because they will feel emasculated. In a nutshell, Wade says the following:

  • The more you try to COMPLIMENT a man, the more he's going to view you as just a friend. And the more he's going to pull away.
  • Complimenting a man makes him Pull Away
  • Men Don't Actually Place high Value on Compliments from a Woman
  • And the worse thing is - 99.9% of men will not be able to articulate to you why compliments make them want to pull away from the relationship or reduce their feelings of attraction for you.
  • In a relationship, Appreciating a Man build Attraction but Compliments DO NOT!
  • So instead of complimenting a man, you need to make him feel like a man by: Appreciating his RESULTS; and Giving him feminine energy.

To make a man feel appreciated, you can take these THREE quick steps:

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