10 Celebs You Didn't Know Married Their High School Sweethearts

10 Celebs You Didn't Know Married Their High School Sweethearts

10 Celebs You Didn't Know Married Their High School Sweethearts

10 Celebs You Didn't Know Married Their High School Sweethearts
Look whose spark survived past Chemistry.

In the land of celebrity marriages, most alliances last all of five minutes. People meet, fall in love, marry, fall out of love, and implode. But some relationships reach back to the time before the celebs became famous, when things were simpler. Yep, we’re talking about high school.



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Snoop Dogg, aka Snoop Lion, met his wife Shante when they were teenagers at Polytechnic High School in Long Beach, California After giving birth to their two sons, they tied the knot in 1997 and had their daughter, Cori, in 2000. Snoop filed for divorce in May 2004 due to irreconcilable differences, but the pair overcame their challenges and renewed their wedding vows in 2008.

<a href="http://rollingout.com/political-scandals/anthony-weiners-wife-and-other-celebrity-wives-who-stood-by-their-cheating-husbands/3/">rollingout.com</a>

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke met at a teen night club in They dated all the way through high school and college, marrying in 2005. Patton gave birth to their first son, Julian, five years later.

<a href="http://www.digitalspy.com/music/news/a516497/paula-patton-reacts-to-miley-cyrus-robin-thicke-mtv-vmas-controversy.html">digitalspy.com</a>

Jeff Daniels and Kathleen Treado met while attending high school in Chelsea, Michigan They married in 1979 and the wedding is said to have been on Friday the 13th because of the number on Jeff's baseball uniform.

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Newlyweds LeBron James and Savannah Brinson have been together since their high school years They had their first son, LeBron Jr., in 2004 and their second, Bryce Maximus, in 2007. LeBron finally proposed on New Year's Eve 2011 and the couple married on Sept. 14, 2013.

<a href="http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20678230,00.html">people.com</a>

Baseball star and legendary relief pitcher Mariano Rivera goes all the way back to elementary school with his wife, Clara The two married on Nov. 9, 1991 and have three sons: Mariano Jr., Jafet and Jaziel.

<a href="http://slimcelebrity.com/tag/clara-rivera-mariano/">slimcelebrity.com</a>

Though proving to be less successful than some of the couples on our list, Eminem met his ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott in high school, when he was and she was 13. Kim and her sister had run away from home and moved in with Em. The two began their relationship in 1989 and married in 1999, but divorced in 2001. They later remarried in 2006, but this led to a second divorce in December that same year. Despite their tumultuous relationship, the two have joint custody of their daughter, Hailie Jade Scott.

<a href="http://www.eonline.com/news/240332/marie-osmond-and-five-other-stars-who-remarried-their-exes">eonline.com</a>

Simone Smith was a cousin of one of LL Cool J's friends and the two met when they were teenagers After being together for more than eight years, they married in 1995. They have four kids: Najee, Italia, Samaria and Nina.

<a href="http://simoneismith.com/grammy-awards/ll-cool-j-simone-smith-grammys/">simoneismith.com</a>

Irish rocker Bono married his Mount Temple Comprehensive School classmate Ali Stewart in

<a href="http://www.mtv.com/artists/u2/photos/1670426/">mtv.com</a>

Jon Bon Jovi and Dorthea Hurley met in high school and tied the knot in a Vegas wedding, during a break from The New Jersey Syndicate Tour. Since their wedding, they have had a daughter and three sons.

<a href="http://www.verbicidemagazine.com/2011/10/23/jon-bon-jovi-opens-pay-what-you-can-restaurant-in-new-jersey/"> verbicidemagazine.com </a>

Ron Howard met Cheryl Alley in a high school English class and married her a short four years later 38 years, four kids and two grandkids later, Ron and Cheryl are still going strong.

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