Having Sex Is Not An Equal Exchange Of Energy For a Date


Having Sex Is Not An Equal Exchange Of Energy For a Date

Meaning, for all of you women who think your vagina is made of gold, know this: Having sex with a guy is not the same as giving of yourself mentally and financially. Yes, we understand sharing yourself with a man is giving, but isn't the man sharing himself with you as well? Where would you be without dick? You wouldn’t be able to make a dildo if there were no dicks to model them after. So where would you be without a dick in your life? Let’s be for real now. Are you ready? It’s about to get ugly in here.

I'm sick and tired of women thinking that their vagina (“va-jay-jay”) is an equal exchange of energy, comparable to going half on a dinner date and a movie. Just because you gave some va-jay-jay up? You’ve got to be kidding! How in the world do you think that is an equal exchange? Let me tell you why it is not. As soon as the guy has sex with you, he may or may not call you back. Ding! He may not even want to ever see you again. Ding! These are all signs that there was not an equal exchange of energy. If there were, the guy would certainly be calling you back for more reasons than just to have sex with you.


Women rely too much on their bodies and not enough of their mind, which is the tool that captures and keeps the Man of your Dreams (MOYD). It's all mental! Which means that just because you had sex with the MOYD, you cannot sit there like your job is done. In reality, your job hasn't even begun. A dog and a cat can sleep with each other and make a baby rat. Any two people that are male and female can sleep with each other, and they don't even have to speak the same language.

It really sickens me to my stomach, putting so much value on something that a dog and cat can do on any given Sunday. Yes as men, we love to have sex, but as a woman, you also love dick. So what’s the problem?

Who do you think the condom was made for? It was not made for my dick. It was made because my dick is going into your vagina. I don’t need a condom otherwise. So who is fooling whom? A woman's biggest fear is that she will have sex with a man and he will not call her back. (Why He Had Sex and Did Not Call?) Women put too much emphasis on the actual act of sex. This is not how most men look at it. If you take your biggest fear and make it the least of your fears, you will dramatically increase your attraction and find and keep the man of your dreams. Why? Because you are no longer relying on your vagina and are now relying on your brains. Wow! What a difference a day makes.

The last thing a man wants to hear after you just had sex with him is, "All you wanted to do was have sex with me” or “It was just sex to you.” It’s like you did not receive the dick; like I did not just put in 90 minutes of blood, sweat and tears. How do you think your vagina got so hot or so dry? Because I was pumping the juice out of it. All the juice spilled over until there was none. Water break or oral sex? You choose. (Why Men Love Hot Vagina Juice in the Summer?)

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