The Big 3 Reasons Smart Women Make Bad Relationship Choices


The Big 3 Reasons Smart Women Make Bad Relationship Choices

This topic is interesting because it goes both ways. Women are master illusionists, with the hair, makeup, boob jobs, shoes and clothing. (6 Reasons Why Men Dislike Women with Fake Hair, Boobs, Butt Pads, Bra Pads or Too Much) But men also know the game and what women want: success, a good home, 2.5 kids, a dog, etc., and for the most part, an easy life. It seems like even the strongest woman is weakened by the right man and right presentation. This is how we pull the wool over your eyes, strike and eat before you even realize what happened. In fact, you’re still floating on cloud nine by the time you realize there was really no cloud at all, just an illusion. This is how many intelligent women make the absolute worse choices when it comes to relationships. In the boardroom, they are Billie Badass, but let the right-but-wrong man get a hold of them, and the walls of Jericho come tumbling down. You say, “What happened? Help! How did I make such a bad decision?” It was simple: You fell for the illusion, of which women are the true masters. It's kind of like setting a mousetrap and forgetting it was there. You turn around and it's your ass that's caught in it.

The number-one reason smart women make bad relationship choices is that we are all rushing to keep up with this invisible clock that’s driving us crazy. This is how you fix it. When someone, anyone, including your mama, asks how old you are, you say “timeless.” Why? Because your body follows your mind, so tell it what to do. Even the smartest of us make the most horrid mistakes when it comes to relationships, simply because we are rushing.

The second most common reason is the fear of being alone. I know, you’re not getting any younger, right? The more you think about being lonely, the more you draw that energy to you. So here's the plan. Go buy something hot and sexy, new panties included. I’m sorry, as a woman you should make it a rule that when you are rocking a new, sexy outfit, the panties must be new. Otherwise, don’t wear any at all. Sizzling hot! Get the weekly newspaper, the one with local events. Pick one. Call up a girlfriend if you have one; if not, go by yourself and expect something great to happen. I guarantee you something great will, simply because you are expecting it to. If not, you can come slap me in my face and call me daddy. But you will be fine. Be nice, smile and make eye contact.

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