12 Celebs You Didn't Know Wore Non-White Wedding Gowns

12 Celebs You Didn't Know Didn't Wear White Wedding Gowns

White is boring!

Who needs a boring old white wedding gown? More and more celebs are bucking tradition and walking down the aisle in a rainbow of colors. From black to green, Shenae to Sarah Jessica, we've got the brides and gowns that broke the mold.



Julianne Moore wore a long lavender Prada gown when she married Bart Freundlich in
New bride Shenae Grims went to the dark side when it came to selecting a wedding dress
And she's not alone Sarah Jessica Parker was in black when she married Matthew Broderick.
Rounding out the list is Avril Lavigne, who donned a black gown for her second wedding
Sofia Coppola was lovely in lilac chiffon on her wedding day
And who could forget Gwen Stefani's fabulous {{ pink }} gown?
Reese Witherspoon also went with {{ pink }} (albeit in a softer shade) for her marriage to Jim Toth
Amber Tamblyn was barefoot and all in yellow when she wed David Cross
Dita Von Teese went with head-to-toe purple for her wedding to Marilyn Manson
Kelis wore a green-accented gown at her wedding.
Melissa Gilbert wed Timothy Busfield in a burgundy gown
And though she's not exactly a celebrity, how could we leave of June Shannon and her camo gown?



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