Why Black Men Date Out of Their Race, the Solution!


Why Black Men Date Out of Their Race, the Solution!
Sometimes you have to go back to your roots to solve today's problem relationships.

Black women must remember that although they are propelled forward in society, often without the black man, they should adopt the motto of the U.S. Armed Services: “Leave no man behind.”

So what does it mean in our modern-day society to leave no man behind? Watch the BBC video, “Planet Earth: Emperor Penguins” to see what God intended for men and women without man’s modern influence. Sometimes to understand our mistakes, we have to go back to the basics.


My summary of the BBC video “Planet Earth: Emperor Penguins” Humans have totally forgotten how to come together as one to support each other as a family. The male emperor penguins who banded together were amazing and by sticking together, created a more successful chance of surviving the cold winter, as opposed to the lone polar bear, working by himself (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12). The polar bear starved to death unnecessarily when food was so close. But the group of penguins, by working together as one, survived what would have otherwise been unbearable temperatures in the Arctic winter. In this relational role, it was the male penguin’s job to keep the eggs warm and protected, while it was the female penguin’s role to travel hundreds of miles to the ocean to get food. If the female penguins would not have returned, all would have been lost, males and babies, and what a tragedy it would have been. But thankfully, our hearts were not broken in tragedy, but celebrated and rejoiced in the return of the female penguins. What a beautiful sight it was to see--the trail of female penguins coming over the horizon with food for their mates, who had not eaten in four months. The male and female penguins gladly accepted the respective roles that were bestowed upon them. Isn’t that what’s needed in the black community today?

In our modern era, women need men to have children, but many feel it is perfectly okay to raise a child as a single parent (Understanding The Abusive Behavior Of Despicable Moms). This behavior is not the will of God and goes against nature. Our society is very sick, and once again Satan strikes. We are failing our families and failing our children, because both men and women fail to accept their respective roles and responsibilities. Most importantly, we have failed to support and love one another, thus failing to follow and obey God’s word. It is no different from losing a finger, toe, arm or leg. Our strength is in togetherness and our weakness is in separation (Galatians 5: 14). Quite simply, it is in our failure to follow God’s word.

This article was originally published at How To Get The Man of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission.
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