Why Black Men Date Out of Their Race, the Solution!


Why Black Men Date Out of Their Race, the Solution!
Sometimes you have to go back to your roots to solve today's problem relationships.

Continued from Part 1: Why African American Men Date Out of their Race: A Mathematical Breakdown

The Bible is really a scientific manuscript for keeping your vibrations high. In other words, it is equivalent to a living mathematical equation without anyone having to physically do the math problem. It appears clear that God already knew many of us would not want to calculate the equations necessary for successful relationships, so he embedded the formulas for success in stories and parables in the Bible, so we only have to follow the steps.


How easy is that? Maybe not so easy.

The problem many African-American women have had to face, with their increased success in education and the workforce, is that they are often raising their families as single mothers. A disproportionate number of African-American men are mentally and physically unavailable due to high incarceration rates, high unemployment, addiction to drugs and alcohol, and a lack of education. It’s a system certainly designed with the same intent and formula that the serpent used to divide Adam and Eve from the divine creator, to get the exact same results: pushing the black woman further away from the black man, and the creator, in ways she may not even realize. Nothing has changed; Satan’s game is still the same.

For example, when a black woman receives assistance from the Section 8 housing program, she is not legally allowed to have her man or the father of her children live with her. So if the father of her children is living with her, she has to conceal it from the government and deceive her children, or lose her benefits. Satan already understands the underlying negative energy created, and his plan works perfectly. It is he who created the manipulations--the high employment and the constant supply of drugs and alcohol, while at the same time miseducating the public. In this one instance, the woman lives a double negative. First, she relies on the government as her savior and deceives the very entity she relies on for support. Second, she now effeminates the father of her children. She unknowingly steals the father’s masculine virility, which is the problem and the exact opposite of the solution needed for the couple to become successful, mentally and spiritually. Unless the error is recognized and corrected, the same failed mistakes will only repeat themselves. Satan already knew this would be the case. There are no free lunches. (Why The Concept of Free Does not Exist in a Successful Relationship)

God gave women and men specific instructions on how to overcome these pitfalls, and he also gave consequences if we failed to obey. The solution to solving the problem of why black men date out of their race lies in God’s word. In order to solve the problem, the black woman has to go back to her feminine roots to win her black man back. She must also use this same formula to help regain his consciousness to become successful. He is nothing without her support (Genesis 3:16).

This article was originally published at How To Get The Man of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission.
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