Demi Moore Is Dating a Man Who’s 16 Years Older


When it comes to love life, Demi Moore usually makes headlines for dating men much younger than her.

When it comes to her love life, Demi Moore usually makes headlines for dating men who are much younger than her. But after a string of failed relationships, the 50-year-old actress seems to be trying her luck with an older man. Moore is rumored to be dating 66-year-old restaurant magnate Peter Morton, who is the co-founder of the famous Hard Rock Cafe. Although Moore has more than enough money of her own, her new sugar daddy is worth more than three times more with an estimated net worth of $500 million.

If there’s one thing Moore doesn’t have to worry about, it’s meeting her older man’s family because they’re already pretty well acquainted, to say the least—Moore used to date Morton’s 31-year-old son, Harry. They dated for about six months before mutually deciding to break up in May 2013 because, although they had become good friends, they knew that their relationship wasn’t going to last long term.

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