Alyssa Milano: I've Wanted A Baby Since I Was 19

Parenting: Alyssa Milano: I Wanted A Baby Since I Was 19

Two decades later, the 'Mistresses' actress' mommy dreams came true.

Could 2-year-old Milo soon become a big brother?

"I want to have another child, just because I want Milo to have a sibling and have someone to grow with," Mistresses' Alyssa Milano tells People. "My brother and I are so close, and I can't imagine not giving my son that kind of relationship."

Becoming a parent is a job the former child actress couldn't wait to take on. "I've wanted a baby since I was maybe 19 years old and I waited a long time for my baby," she tells OK! "I'm old enough to self-reflect and really try my darndest to appreciate every single moment we have together."

What's her trick for balancing a toddler and career? Find out here: Alyssa Milano Dishes On Mistresses Finale And Finding The Working Mom Balance

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