The 5 Most Epic Love Triangles Throughout History


The 5 Most Epic Love Triangles Throughout History
Countdown our favorite love triangles throughout history featuring these gutsy women!

4. Etta Place, Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid
Etta Place is another name you might not recognize, unless you are a fan of Katherine Ross, who played her in the movies. Etta, whose real name was believed to be Ethel Bishop, was the woman in Butch Cassidy’s life before she became the woman in the Sundance Kid’s life, and is said to have alternated between the two depending on her mood. It was a cozy existence, except for the fact that she was the mistress of two wanted outlaws who had to flee their home or face hanging. Etta supposedly met Butch and Sundance in a brothel in Texas, but later married Sundance and took his mother’s maiden name, Place, as her own. She was said to be beautiful, an accomplished equestrian, and a great shot. And she was smart, smart enough to handle two men at once, rob a couple of banks, and live to tell about it, while the two men in her life, sadly, did not.

5. Edwina Mountbatten, Lord Louis Mountbatten & Jawaharla Nehru
Edwina Mountbatten’s tale has a happier ending. She was the wife of Lord Louis Mountbatten (yes, the same one Kate and Will’s new little Prince George Alexander Louis is named for), who was the highest-ranking British naval officer after World War II, when Britain was still occupying India. Though Edwina’s marriage looked rock-solid from the outside, she was known to have had many lovers, one of them being Jawaharla Nehru, the brilliant man who would become India’s first prime minister. But here’s where it gets kinky. It turns out that Nehru was also a bit of a swinger with a taste for exotic sex, and it was even rumored that Edwina, her husband, and Nehru all shared a bed at times. Despite, or perhaps because of the ties between the three, this triangle endured long past the time India gained its independence from Britain, ending only with Edwina’s untimely death at 58.

Like we said, it takes a hell of a woman.

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