Alec & Hilaria Baldwin Introduce Daughter Carmen


At the age of 55, Alec gets a fresh start on fatherhood with newborn daughter Carmen.

Meet Carmen Baldwin.

Proud parents Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin introduced their 2-week-old daughter in the latest issue of HELLO! "From 7am to 7pm, she's a great sleeper," Alec told the mag. "At night she says, 'Let's have a conference."

But they're not complaining. "Last night we were sitting there, and you realize, I'm not going to have this moment again. I just want to enjoy every moment," he shared.

"We have trouble sleeping because you just want to stare at her," Hilaria added.

This is the first child for the couple, and second daughter for Alec, who's dad to 17-year-old Ireland with ex-wife Kim Bassinger. The rising model's childhood included a drawn out divorce, a nasty custody battle and an angry voicemail left by Alec that made national headlines. In an interview with People, Alec said, "It's a second chance for me in a way. Everybody knows I had a pretty unpleasant custody battle for Ireland."

See photos of the newest Baldwin addition here: Hilaria & Alec Baldwin Introduce Daughter

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