What to do when your man say's he used to be a player


3 things to know what you should do if you think your beau is a player!!!!

one: If your guy said he was a player way back then when he was younger and niave, pretend that your upset to get him to prove that him being a player back stays back then. two: If your guy and your younger sister talks about the girl he used to go out act mad and chase him around the house acting like your gonna get him for real. three: Make the guy your with promise if he's gonna be with you, he better not be cheating on you or playing around. It is not good to have a relationship if he IS a player. I found out last night that with a guy who I'm with blurted out that he was a player and he corrected that by saying he was a player 6 years ago. I made sure he wasn't really a player before then and he wasn't. But you'll never know what would be going on in his mind after telling you that little tidbit when talking to your little sister!


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