6 Valuable Lessons From Dating Mr. Wrong


6 Valuable Lessons From Bad Relationships
When it comes to pretty boys … don't. Just, don't.

5. Mr. Party Animal
He loves you, but he loves the club scene more. It's not you, it's him … until he wants one more chance, and Samantha shares exactly why you shouldn't give it to him. 

Samantha's ex boyfriend was sweet and genuine … until it came to the weekends, when he became frustrating and MIA. As a Columbia law student, she found keeping up with his partying lifestyle to be exhausting, but also didn't want to keep him from having a good time. "He wasn't cheating on me at clubs, or putting our relationship at risk in that way," she said, "but I still didn't feel the sense of companionship that I was looking for in a partner, it was like I was constantly babysitting him." When it became clear that his weekend plans with his friends would always win out over showing up for her, Samantha realized she wasn't going to change him, and that despite years of dating, it was time to let him go to grow up on his own. 


Lesson learned? "If he goes to more clubs and electronic dance shows than family functions and dinner dates, kick him to the curb and find yourself a real man."

6. Mr. Pretty Boy
This unfortunate lesson comes from yours truly. I had to learn the hard way that when a dude loves his shoe collection almost as much as he loves his own reflection, he's not likely to make room for you anytime soon. I repeat: pretty boys will always care about themselves more than they care about you.

Their hair! It's so perfectly side-swept! And their loafers? Always polished and perfectly laced. Their hearts? Pretty much off-limits. But you've got to admit, there's nothing sexier than a confident guy who has his life together … until you realize that it's all a façade. Each attempt to dig deeper than his wardrobe left me coming up empty handed. Now don’t get me wrong, I'm not saying that every nice-dresser is shallow, however, if they take more pride in their appearance and status than they do in your relationship, you might as well let him take his watch out to dinner … even if it is a Movado.

Lesson learned: When it comes to pretty boys … don't. Just, don't.


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