6 Valuable Lessons Learned From Dating Mr. Wrong


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When it comes to pretty boys … don't. Just, don't.

"I dated Ben through my job. We had become really close friends, and since we worked 80-hour weeks, we spent virtually no time with anyone aside from the people we worked with," Jordyn said. Soon long office hours turned into post-office drinks and the two began texting on the reg when they weren't at work. "We instantly became permanent fixtures in each other's lives in the matter of a few weeks, and our relationship escalated as quickly as our friendship did," she continued. "We were seriously dating and keeping it a secret from all of our co-workers, and he dropped the L-bomb only a couple of weeks later." The two met each other's parents and spent long weekends together, only for the relationship to fizzle out as fast as it started, when they realized that they hardly even knew each other.

Lesson learned? Consider your relationship your biggest investment. Would you drop all of your savings into a stock that you haven't thoroughly researched? Probably not. Your heart is a prize, and you want to make sure that whoever wins it, is worth it. 


4. Mr. Pen Pal
You know this guy. He's funny, charming, and an all around catch … according to your IPhone. James fills us in on how a virtual relationship doesn't always translate into the real deal. 

James met Joseph on a dating app, and was thrilled to find that he liked him even more when they finally met in person. Drinks turned into a four-hour dinner and dinner turned into a walk through the park. "We went on three or four great dates, but while the texts were still coming in, the dates were falling through." Every time that James brought up going out again, Joseph became distant and vague, always steering the conversation away from any actual plans. James's frustration began to escalate because he didn't see the point of constant communication with zero delivery. "We would text all day, every day. At first I enjoyed the attention," he said, "but after weeks of not seeing each other, I grew tired and bored." Eventually, the texts grew fewer and farther in between, and James's coworkers got tired of trying to decipher the meaning behind every received emoji. "After three weeks of incessant texting, I finally gave up," James said. 

Lesson learned? Be wary of the allusive texter — odds are, he won't measure up in real life. 

5. Mr. Party Animal

He loves you, but he loves the club scene more. It's not you, it's him … until he wants one more chance, and Samantha shares exactly why you shouldn't give it to him. 

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