How to Move On and Keep Your Dignity (And Hope) Intact


How to Move On and Keep Your Dignity (And Hope) Intact
After heartbreak, it can seem impossible to move on. Expert Marni Battista tells you how.

We’re ultimately not responsible for the actions of others. Of course, we want to make sure we’re always compassionate and empathetic; however, each of us must take personal responsibility for how we react to what we hear from others each day.

3. Adopt a Mantra: “The Only Way to Get Through It Is to Get Through It”


Whether recovering from a breakup or the death of a loved one, you’ve been placed in an undesirable situation beyond your control. As much as it may feel like the world has stopped turning and nothing will ever be the same, there’s nothing you can do but focus on the better times ahead.

Each relationship can help to form who we are as well as who we’ll become. There are no such things as mistakes. If you soldier through these dark days and keep yourself focused on the gifts you experienced as a result of your lost love, you’ll gradually start to feel better…and one day, you’ll reflect on that dark time from a much lighter point of view.

4. Re-Install Routine

Depending on the gravity of your loss, it’s possible that whatever incident you’re recovering from has completely wiped out your usually bustling schedule. Even though holing up at home may seem like the most appealing option, one of the best ways to begin to move on is to re-introduce routine into your daily life.

It may feel forced at first, but a schedule will allow a sense of normalcy to return and provide a welcome distraction. If there’s something in your routine you used to partake in with your absent partner, create a new ritual with a close friend or family member in its place.

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5. Lean On Friends and Family

After the death of Monteith, mourning fans across the country cast much of their concern toward his longtime girlfriend and Glee costar Michele. People began speculating about when and how she would make her first public appearance in the wake of her tragedy. After a couple weeks of silence, the brunette was spotted going to a baby shower and has since been seen surrounded by at least one or two close friends. Loved ones provide a welcome distraction, but they’ll also help force you back into your routine and listen when you need to talk about how you’re feeling.

Heartbreak is a part of life, and when it happens, all you can do is work towards moving on. If you diligently hold yourself to these five practices in the wake of a tragedy, I’m certain you’ll gradually start to feel lighter.

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