Giuliana Rancic: How I Conquered My Working Mom Guilt

Parenting: How Giuliana Rancic Conquered Working Mom Guilt

How do you balance career and baby? Find out what a life coach told E!'s Giuliana Rancic.

Reality stars Giuliana Rancic and Bill Rancic celebrated their son's first birthday on Aug. 29, and the proud mom says that becoming a parent has been "incredible" and changed her in "more ways than expected."

"We struggled for so many years to have a baby, and now that it has come true we really enjoy each and every moment with Duke. This year has been incredible and also tough. I wouldn't say this has been the most challenging year, because my most challenging year was when I had breast cancer. However, it has been a challenging time."

Part of the hurdle for G was learning to balance a skyrocketing career and the urge to spend more hours with little Duke. How did she learn to strike a balance?

"The best tip I learned was from a life coach who was on our show a couple of weeks ago. I had all this guilt and the life coach told me ... "

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