Is Your Hair Removal Process Sanitary?


Is Your Hair Removal Process Sanitary?
YT reveals the hair-raising truth about salon safety and cleanliness.

Speaking of applicators...what is the safest applicator a salon should use?
NuFree salons use medical grade staneless steel applicators that can be disinfected with each use. If a salon prefers to use wood, we require individually wrapped applicators made of hard wood provided by a medical company. We do not accept popsicle sticks or craft store applicators that are generally very cheap and soft. Furthermore, cloth and pelon strips can have additives, they can stretch and break the hair, and sometimes cause a bit of a reaction.

Besides using NuFree, how can the risk of infection be minimized?
I manufacture and recommend Finipil antiseptic which can be used after any hair removal except depilatory creams. It kills 99.9% of germs. Remember, when you pull a hair out of the body you can leave that follicle very prone to infection. If you burn yourself removing hair, same thing. Finipil cools the area rapidly and is also an antibacterial.


Are hair removal procedures regulated to make sure they are safe?
Cosmetology boards do not check individual products, only the category it is lumped into (i.e. waxing, hair cutting, etc.). They do have health department rules to ensure that the practitioners are "licensed" for the service they perform and the the equipment and salon is clean and sanitary. Nufree trains technicians and registers its salons and clinics to make sure they are performing and using all the required steps in the system for the highest level of safety.

What should consumers ask their hair removal technician before having a hair-removal procedure?
Ask where the products are made, check for a sanitary environment, and do some research to find out the effectiveness of the product. Just because a product says ‘all natural’ doesn’t mean it’s safe and doesn't mean it doesn't harm the hair shaft and bulb. A good salon will ask for certain medications or products that you are currently using and if you are seeing a medical doctor for any specific reason or treatment. The will also have you read and sign a form before any service.

Any other hair removal safety tips or tricks?  
Do not hesitate to ask to have an inch done on your arm so you can see and feel the results and how the product reacts with your skin. Most professionals actually recommend you always do this first.

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