Feng Shui 101: 5 Ways To Invite Love Into Your Home


Feng Shui 101: 5 Ways To Invite Love Into Your Home
Is your home stifling your love life?

4. Colors
If you're repainting the bedroom, Morris says to think "warm and sultry" such as chocolate brown, rich burgundy and tranquil tones of blue or purple. When picking colors, the idea is to strike balance between instilling a sense of serenity for sleep and stimulating passion for when you ... well ... are not sleeping. To achieve this, Huntington offers a great tip: "Paint the wall at the head of the bed a more saturated color than the walls." This offers the best of both!

5. Space & Stuff
Are you a clutter-bug? Then it's time for some well-needed cleaning! If you want to invite love in your life, one of the best tips offered by our experts is to leave a noticeable amount of space in bookshelves, closets and open display cases. Huntington suggests leaving at least one drawer completely empty. Making space sends the signal that you are leaving your life open to include someone else. And isn't that what you're looking for?

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