How to Transform Your Debt Story


How to Transform Your Debt Story
Debt is a financial and emotional burden worth clearing

Jenny Griffin, aka the Catharsis Coach, talks about how transforming debt can be a worthy investment. For Griffith, debt begins with a mindset and can it with a different one. Jenny has a BA in Anthropology (Victoria, BC), an MSc in Social and Behavioural Sciences (Amsterdam, Holland), and an MSc in Social Anthropology (Edinburg, Scotland). Her dissertation at Edinburgh was entitled ‘Catharsis and the Art of Falling Apart: Rewriting the Narratives of Self.’ She explains below how she believes a person's individual story of debt can be transformed towards a more abundant consciousness.

How would you sum up what The Mindset of Debt is all about?


The Mindset of Debt is a look at the deeper spiritual meaning of debt. It’s too easy to say debt is caused by X or Y, and ignore the fact that there are always underlying factors at play that define the way we interact with our money. Each person has a unique debt story that plays (like a record) in their subconscious until it’s addressed and re-written. These could stem from early interactions with family members, the stories you were told around money, your own sense of worth (or worthlessness, as the case may be), etc. The book encourages you to pinpoint your story so that you can work towards making the changes necessary to shift your perspective. It offers some ways to begin questioning your habitual behaviours and get to the root of your own debt story.

There are alot of books on beliefs and prosperity being connected, what is original in your ebook?

I don’t really know, as, to be honest, I haven’t read any others. I’m a proponent of an embodied spirituality that comes of living our experiences consciously and through that, understanding what gifts they are offering. I’ve lived debt and journeyed through my deepest pain to find my inner truth. In doing so, I connected with my intuition, my souls’ desires and my purpose. When I write, I allow the words to flow through me and trust that they are what needs to be heard. I’ve done the academic thing (I have two Master’s degrees) and worked within the scientific concept of grounding knowledge in theory, but for me, that felt inauthentic. I don’t want to write within paradigms that had been previously explored by others, I want to write what is right for me. There’s so much knowledge available that we can tap into with such ease if we just allow ourselves to do so. We’ve been taught to restrict ourselves and believe what the authorities tell us to be true. It serves us far better to find our own truths.

Changing thoughts and core beliefs is not easy as they can be deeply ingrained in the mind. How do you suggest people effectively reprogram themselves?

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