The Problem with Online Dating and Love Coaching


The Problem with Online Dating and Love Coaching
It's not the process or the people but a matter of logistics

As for Internet dating, my only issue with online dating are the websites themselves. The people and process are not so much the problem. If the sites cleaned up their data and deleted inactive users as soon as they unsubscribe or have not been active on the website for more than 90 days, then the data integrity would increase the effectiveness of successful matches. I personally think that online dating should be more regulated and be required to verify accounts as authentic users, and even have users be required to undergo a background check before their profile is approved.

There are online dating insiders who actually left the business and have come out and said that the dating sites are operating from a business model of keeping a person dating but single. It's better for business that way. The strategy for certain dating coaches and online dating sites is to break a person's confidence down to a point that they will feel that they need to keep doing it until they get a breakthrough. They convince the person that they have mental blocks and are scared, etc... it's not true. In reality, the sites and coaches are not getting these single clients out there and in the game enough.


What online dating websites don't realize is that if they actually operated their sites to maximize the number of users who no longer need their service within one year because they found the right match, these online dating sites would be more successful. By keeping people single through an algorithm that is faulty and not cleaning up user data, online dating is only sabotaging itself in the end. Pretty soon it will be the vortex of the black hole of dating.

A recent Huffington Post article by Neely Steinberg hit home for me by her emphasis on proper planning and action when it comes to manifesting love. Her comment on being a doer is on the mark. It is a major part of achieving your love goals. Many "love attraction" programs do not work because they are often not helping you work smart, just hard, to find love. Others go too far with the law of attraction philosophy that it ventures into the lazy approach, such as my experience was with Kathryn Alice's Love Will Find You method.

Finding love, I have come to believe, requires the right beliefs, a genuine self-love, an effective strategy (meet lots of people who are compatible with you and generate rapid rapport), and aligned powerful and intentional ACTION. The only dating coaches worth investing in are those who partner with a matchmaker who uses the Patti Stanger method of finding a match. This is what San Francisco matchmaker Anni Powers does. Anni works like a recruiter and does the due diligence to make sure a person is single for one thing, and other things. So this article was right on in how it summarizes the basic but potent method for finding love.

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