10 Valuable Lessons From Terrible First Dates


First Date From Hell
We've all been there. Now, here are the unexpected takeaways.

6. If He Shows Up Drunk, Just Go Home
Immeaditely. It's one thing to pre-game; it's another to show up wasted. When this particular date I had showed up trashed out of his mind, the night involved getting kicked out of several bars, him head-butting a bouncer (and eventually a wall), and trying to start a fight with guys in a moving car — while he was on foot.

Lesson? "I really should have just stayed home that night and watch Law & Order episodes."


7. Excessive Stuffed Animals On The Couch Is A Sign To Bolt
Nate walked into a stuffed animal shrine, and learned things the hard way: "I met a girl, we go out on a date she invites me back to her place for a night cap. As soon as I walk in, I see her couch covered with what has to be at least 100 stuffed animals. So I try to make an excuse to leave — and this girl's entire face changes. She starts screaming at me yelling, 'Why don't you want to f*ck me?' over and over again, hysterically crying and screaming. I am able to talk her down and get out of her apartment. As I'm pulling away in my car I hear a thud. This crazy girl is now in the middle of the road throwing her shoes at my car and yelling."

Lesson? "If you ever walk into a date's house and they have hundreds of stuffed animals, just run."

8. Apparently, NASCAR Drivers Are Athletes
Bringing up sports, especially in this sports-obsessed country, is almost as conversation-killing as politics and religion. And when your date says that NASCAR drivers are athletes, and even equivalent to runners and high-jumpers, just go with it. As Anna learned, it will save you hours of arguing over the true meaning of the word "athlete," and the loss of three hours of your life that you can never get back.

Lesson? "A true athlete doesn't drive a car in centrifugal circles on a track repeatedly. But, if you're lucky like me, the NASCAR-loving guy will pay for the date despite the argument, so maybe that means they're gentlemen?"

9. If He Leaves For 20 Minutes To Take A Phone Call, It's OK To Order Extra Drinks On His Tab
Francesca, back before she met her adorable husband, went on a date with a man who, 10 minutes into the date, answered a phone call and stayed outside for at least 20 minutes. So, she did what one should do in such a situation, and proceeded to down drinks and put them on his tab.

Lesson? "Two can play the rude game."

10. Having To "Work It Out," After A First Date Doesn't Bode Well For A Relationship
After a first date that ended on a sour note, Jenny hoped to never hear from this particular person again. However, he wasn't quite done. Over the next several days and weeks, the guy harassed her with a barrage of emails and texts over wanting to "work it out." As she explains, "Even after I blocked him, he was wedging notes in my mailbox, because he knew where I lived."

Lesson? "If you have to 'work it out' that early on, then it’s obviously not meant to be. And harassing isn't romantic no matter how many flowers you tape to someone's mailbox!"

What have you learned from horrible first dates? Tell us in the comments below.



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