How to be kind to yourself when recently single


How to be kind to yourself when recently single
Three simple steps to practise in being kind to yourself when you've recently become single

Through my own personal learnings (the hard way) and through my professional training I know how to nurture and care for the mind to prevent things ever getting to that point, and I can help you to do that too.

Obviously every individual is unique, and on a personal basis I’d recommend different exercises and techniques specifically tailored to suit your own personality and circumstances, but here are a few introductory pieces that you may find useful as a starter for ten in committing to your own self-care.


1. Actively celebrating - both success AND failure

No matter how small or seemingly insignificant, consciously take time every day to celebrate something. It could be a simple success such as paying off your credit card or a bigger achievement like getting a promotion. If you feel you’ve failed at something, try to celebrate the useful lesson you’ve learnt from it - doing something the wrong way means you’re more likely to get it right next time!

2. Accepting all parts of yourself

Write a list of the things you beat yourself up about - your own perceived weaknesses. Now next to each of them, write a sentence that starts with “This is a good thing because...”. If you find this difficult, look for the 2% truth in the statement you’ve written. An example could be, “I am often messy and disorganised, but this is a good thing because it gives me the flexibility to be creative”.

3. Avoiding over-analysing

When you find yourself over-analysing or thinking round and round in circles, mentally propel yourself to a future you - in 10 years' time. Ask yourself from this perspective, “does this seem so important when I look back on it from this angle?”. Even if it's an important issue, ask yourself whether over-thinking helps or hinders you in overcoming it.

Giving due care and attention to your mental wellbeing is just as important as looking after your physical health. These are just a few simple mental exercises that you can work into your daily life so that they become a habit. You’ll find that by practising them, you feel stronger and more resilient in times of emotional stress, and better able to cope with whatever life throws at you.

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If you know you need to work on your own emotional self-care but it always gets put to one side then I have a series of in-depth strategies that can help you to prioritise your own needs and be kind to yourself. Get in touch here and book a free consultation if this interests you! | 01442 301 393 | 07875 386 984

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