Exclusive! Is 'Property Brothers' Drew Scott Planning To Propose?


Love: Is 'Property Brothers' Drew Scott Planning To Propose?
You tweeted. He answered!

@canikat‬: What is your biggest turn on? 
@MrDrewScott‬: A Great sense of humor. So tell me a joke:)

@VavyanLarkin‬: Which romantic character you would like to play in a movie?
@MrDrewScott‬: I thought Noah Calhoun was very romantic...‬ Go ‪#Notebook‬! KEEP READING OUR TWITTERVIEW WITH DREW!


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@BGnann‬:‬ Any plans for another interesting halloween costume?
@MrDrewScott‬: I do have a good one planned...Any guesses?

‪@kris7ds‬: now that we've seen you use tools on bvb will we now see you stop using excuses and help on property brothers?
@MrDrewScott‬: ha! I keep busy on the home searching side of things..‪@mrsilverscott can handle the reno's‬

@_Helen_K‬: Wedding suit or wedding kilt?
@MrDrewScott‬: That's an easy one.‬ Kilt all the way!

@WoodTori‬: If you could travel anywhere in the US to film one of your shows, where would you go?
@MrDrewScott‬: I would love to spend more time in ‪#LA‬. But also more time at home in ‪#Vegas‬ would be awesome

‪@myradiva‬: What is your favorite karaoke song or songs?
Summer Nights! I sing ‪@olivianj‬ & Jonathan does ‪#JohnTravolta‬

‪@CherylLMoody‬: I'm sure fans send you lots of gifts. What do you do with all of it?
@MrDrewScott‬: We appreciate fans giving us gifts but..we ask instead of giving us something, give to a charity.

@MoonbeamCB‬: what's the best love advice you could give??
@MrDrewScott‬: To be brief, R-E-S-P-E-C-T :) I have a notebook of my favorite quotes on love.. Maybe another chat I'll share some!

@t14sgrl‬: What's the most important thing you find attractive in a woman?
@MrDrewScott‬: fun loving personality. The rest is just a bonus:)

@SHPikal‬: What's the best marketing tool for area stats?
@MrDrewScott‬: using a professional. Realtors do this day in and day out and can help analyse the stats for you.

@CarmenJ_Smith‬: What are your guilty pleasures?
@MrDrewScott‬: Sushi (maybe not that guilty)...pumpkin pie, patterned socks..and even watching Love Actually:)

@imlovingnouis‬: If you guys were superheroes, what would your catchphrases be? :))

@sunshine9391‬: have either of you ever broken a bone while renovating a house?‪‬
@MrDrewScott‬: I have not..but ‪@MrSilverScott‬ would say that's because I'm never there:)


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