Sex & Postpartum Depression: 'Will I Ever Be In The Mood Again?'


Sex & Postpartum Depression: 'Will I Ever Be In The Mood Again?'
Ways to jumpstart romance post-birth... even when you're not feeling too sexy.

1. Have patience with each other. If you've been avoiding sex, or just haven't felt like it, for a few weeks or even months, give yourself time following the birth of your child to get back to a semblance of normalcy. In the meantime...

2. Keep up the non-sexual touching. We all need to be touched and held. Touch can convey warmth and intimacy even if we don't feel up to having sex.


3. Let him know you find him attractive (and make sure he tells you, too). Telling your partner that you find them sexy and attractive (despite the spit-up stains) can boost self-confidence and provide reassurance that you haven't forgotten each other.

4. Slow down. It may take more time and effort now to be able to tune out baby thoughts and tune into your own sexual desires. Take the time to turn each other on.

5. Romance each other. Nothing sets the mood like a thoughtful gesture, a sexy text message, or even the old standby; wine and roses. We all need to be wooed, especially during this period of transition.

6. Listen. Physical changes after birth may bring about differences in sexual needs and wants. Speak up about your needs and listen to your partner's.

 7. Be "selfish." Date nights may seem a distant memory, but taking couple time is essential to being good parents. Carve out time here and there to get away, talk, and reconnect.

Each couple is different, and there is no magic formula that will work for all. However, maintaining honest communication and making time for intimacy can go a long way toward reestablishing a fulfilling love life as new parents.

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