Are Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult Dating Again?

Love: Are Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult Dating Again?

'X-Men' stars, and former couple, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult were spotted getting cozy.

We're pretty protective when it comes to our girl Jennifer Lawrence, since she's practically perfect in every way. So, we were a little wary when we spotted JLaw and her ex, Nicholas Hoult, hanging at the X-Men: Days of Future Past wrap party this week, or sitting together at The Butler screening that Hugh Jackman put on for the crew.

But really, we just want to know what's up: Are they or aren't they back together?

The former loves broke up early this year, but remained friends and reunited to work on X-Men, possibly kicking things back into gear.

Since their split, Hoult has been linked to Riley Keough ... and Jennifer won an Oscar. 

So, is the hot Hollywood couple back together? Find out here: Are Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult Officially Back Together?

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