More Reviews Of A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear


More Reviews Of A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear
More Reviews Of A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear

What I discovered were suggestions that made sense, and specific and practical activities that were "do-able". This book includes techniques that I have used with clients successfully. Mr. Popovich's writing has a conversation-like tone and is an easy read. For the extremely reasonable cost of the book, it's worth reading and cheaper than going to a seminar presenting, most likely, the same ideas. I will most likely recommend this for some of my clients and students. By: Romey Peavler---Posted On Amazon

Excellent Resource-----------------------I found Stanley's e-book to be very useful. It gives some really good ideas about dealing with fear that I had not considered myself. He offers the reader many detailed steps on how to deal with different types of fear. This is a great book for individuals who are trying to work through issues on their own or would like to use with their counselor. I especially liked that he included a spiritual aspect to this book that gives the reader an opportunity to draw closer to God as they work through their current fears. I would consider this an excellent resource for anyone struggling with things in their lives that keep them from moving forward. Thanks, Mr. Popovich! By: Josie---Posted On Amazon


Timely and Sound--------------------Fear is a timely subject in today's anxiety-riddled world, and Stanley Popovich does an excellent job in delving into what fear is and its various forms. He then explains in detail three effective and powerful approaches in managing fear: general counseling techniques, reliance upon God, and non-resistant methods, which means accepting one's fear but not dwelling upon it; rather, through visualization and gradual exposure to the source of one's fear, an individual can eventually overcome it. But Mr. Popovich goes one step further--he shows how to employ these three approaches together. In addition, he provides a list of reputable organizations that give more in-depth information pertaining to fear and its management. I highly recommend this well-written and well-researched book to everyone seeking a down-to-earth, holistic approach to managing his or her fear.By: Diana Schramer---Posted On Amazon

A great start on how to handle fear and anxiety-----------------------First I would like to mention this was a very simple and easy to read book to read. It helps when readers need to hear methods the simple way without psychological terms. Popovich introduces his book by explain what fear is and gives three methods on how to deal with ones fears. I like the fact that he brings in examples in each method which gives the reader an idea on how to implement the methods mentioned. Another great point for me was that he brings in spirituality as one of the methods. Whether it is Christianity or any other religion with the help f God nothing happens. This book is a great start for everyone dealing with fear in one way or the other. By: Jina---Posted On Amazon

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