What Are Men Looking For Online? A Cheater, Says Science


Adultery: Why Guys Prefer Women Who Cheat
In a recent study, women looking to having affairs received the most messages on OKCupid.

"A woman who qualifies herself as willing to have sex is going to get a lot more messages than women who are after a relationship," Orlando explains. "Because she's married, what she's really saying is that she'd like to have sex with someone, and not have a relationship. No strings, no commitment ... nada."

But it goes beyond just sex. These trysts offer a sort of fantasy escape for men who are disenchanted in their relationships. After all, 48 percent of men who committed affairs claimed to feel emotionally disconnected from their partners. And according to our expert, there’s an emotional tie for single men pursuing taken women, as well. When a man hooks up with a taken woman, he's serving as needs — emotional as well as physical. This gives men the ego boost they crave.


"From the man's side, not only is she willing to have sex, but if she selects him as the man she wants to cheat with, it's a huge boost to his ego," Orlando says, "Not only did she picked him over all the other men on the dating site, but she also picked him over her husband/boyfriend."

Still, even with these endless reasons (ahem, excuses), does it make the circumstances any more understandable fpr men to pursue women who are already in committed relationships? There is still an innocent victim in all of this: the guy she's cheating on. Whatever happened to 'bro code', guys?

What do you think of the OkCupid cheaters study? Let us know in the comments!

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