Lessons From Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck


Lessons From Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck
Relationship tips we can take away from Garner and Affleck's marriage.

By Tammy Greene for Hope After Divorce

There are few other couples that have amassed more attention in 2013 than celebrity power couple Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. It has been a memorable year for them with Affleck’s huge success and Oscar for his brilliant movie Argo. In the coming months, Garner will step back into the spotlight with the film adaptation of the popular book, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. With their stellar careers, three beautiful children and easy affection with each other, it seems like this Hollywood pair has it all.


But let’s not forget the bumpy path these two heavyweights took before they found each other. No one can ignore Affleck’s relationship with Jennifer Lopez, a love that the media referred to as “Bennifer.” The couple called off their engagement after only 18 months of dating. And Garner isn’t without her own, though certainly less notorious, relationship history: She married fellow actor Scott Foley in 2000 and found herself divorced in 2004. Though celebrity couples seem to live a fairytale, these two prove that happily ever after does not come easily.

We often find ourselves looking to celebrities to guide us in our lives – from how to dress, what to eat and where to shop. Similarly, we look to them to guide us in our relationships. Here are three lessons that we can learn from this fan-favorite power couple.

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Keep your personal life personal.

It is hard to say exactly why, but the media bombed hard on Bennifer. Whether it was because of their rather embarrassing nickname or possibly their highly-criticized movie Gigli, this couple could do nothing to escape the jokes or harsh criticisms. What might have topped it all off was the music video that the pair filmed together for Lopez’s song, “Jenny from the Block.” The couple openly displayed their affection for each other in a way that many felt was unnecessary, leaving themselves open to severe criticism by critics and fans alike. It was no surprise, then, that they soon broke up.

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