Not Over Yet? Does Robert Pattinson Still Miss Kristen Stewart?


Is it starting to "dawn" on Robert Pattinson that he wants to be with Kristen Stewart after all?

It's been months since Robert Pattinson split with Kristen Stewart. The Twilight actor even moved out of the L.A. neighborhood of Los Feliz—where K-Stew lives—and into a new home in Beverly Hills, hoping that the distance would do him some good. 

Not to mention, since their breakup, Pattinson has been rumored to be rebounding with Hollywood starlets, including Katy Perry and Riley Keough.

However, according to sources, Pattinson might not be completely over his famous ex-girlfriend. 

Could Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart soon reunite? Keep reading: Robert Pattinson Misses Kristen Stewart "Like Crazy" — Report

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